Welcome to Union and Bond


UNION: an act or instance of uniting or joining two or more things into one.
BONDan idea, interest, experience, or feeling that is shared between people or groups forming a connection.


There's some kind of magic that happens at the corner of Union and Bond streets in Gowanus, Brooklyn. 

You probably know The Green Building as a wedding venue (and if you’re a Brooklyn native you’re probably asking – do people seriously get married on banks of the Gowanus Canal?).

You may also consider 501 Union to be a place for nuptials, or as the host to many community-focused events and creative conferences like Creative Mornings, TEDx Talks, Bitten, and Indie Media Camp. 

And if you’ve heard of Sky Gallery, it might be because New York Magazine covered it as an intimate venue in which one might host a party for their closest friends.

But did you know we also frequently host immersive live art experiences, like Third Rail Projects’ Roadside Attraction and LoftOpera? Or that the Green Building was chosen as the New York venue for Free People’s latest product launch? Or that we were the location of the December 2014 VOGUE Italia cover story shot by famed fashion photographer Steven Meisel? The Americans even frequently stage their production crew with us while they film around the neighborhood, and Amy Poehler's new series Difficult People turned the Green Building into a dog park! 

Union and Bond is where our worlds merge. Art, love, stories, celebration, community; they're all happening here. This is the art of love. One cannot be without the other. There is no love without a story. No party without the people. What we do here is big, sometimes unexpected, and always beautiful and real. 

We believe in the moments in-between. Those hidden moments that may escape you in a blink. We invite you to look through our lens at the gatherings within our walls; daily musings on love, life and Brooklyn; our favorite eats and drinks and neighborhood haunts. We hope to inspire you to connect and celebrate with those around you.  

Meet the makers, the artists, the leaders and the lovebirds who pass through our block. You’ll find interviews, love stories, and upcoming events

Welcome to our world. We hope you stay a while. 

Send us feedback and contributions via email at info@unionxbond.com. Join #theloveunion and share your stories on Instagram.