Free People + candlelit yoga

There was a certain energy in the air. Warm candles, smooth beats, rhythmic breathing. Free People had turned the Green Building into a sanctuary for an evening of candlelit yoga. Led by Talia Sutra, the event brought in yogis of all levels, but we all felt so connected. This collective energy of the room encouraged us to flow through Talia's instructions with more purposeful and mindful movements. 

She ended us with a reminder to always keep our heads up and our hearts open as she walked us through the next move. (And by that I mean she folded herself backwards into camel pose while I tried to not snap in half.) My body had never felt so contorted, but I had also never looked at the space in such a way - back bent, arm reaching toward the back wall. The view of the chandeliers glowing against the dark ceiling beams actually took my mind off the stretch and allowed me to reach deeper. 

At the end, the Crunchy Radish educated us on healthy eating and Sweet Green fed with us a warm meal before heading out into the January night. 

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#FPLETSMOVE brought to you by Free People + Instructor: Talia Sutra / Music: DJ Suga Shay / Food: Sweet Green / Health Expert: The Crunchy Radish / Venue: The Green Building

All photos courtesy of Free People except where noted.