Holiday Inspiration from Pinterest

Ever find yourself scrolling endlessly through an infinite vortex known as Pinterest, just to realize only two photos actually strike inspiration? Well I've forged ahead to pick through hours of work for you to find my favorite holiday party trends of this year. 

501 hollywood inspo.jpg

Sky Gallery's stark whiteness is a design element in and of itself. You don't have to add much to make a statement, but we like to kick it up a notch with minimalist patterns and bold pops of color. 


For holiday parties at 501 Union, I'm wanting to see throwbacks to the days of Studio 54 parties and old Hollywood glamour. The venue lends itself to refined disco dance parties (if such a thing exists). But seriously, someone install a disco ball in there. 


And lastly, for the Green Building, we suggest putting a fresh spin on rustic decor by bringing the warmth of a wooded lodge inside our urban warehouse. 


Now bring these ideas to life! Inquire for our holiday rates for corporate and private parties.