UxB Playlist: Classical Sounds with Groupmuse

Groupmuse is a classical music platform that encourages the performance of chamber music in intimate settings; often times Brooklyn living rooms!  A tribute to the house concerts of yesteryear, GroupMuse is providing a contemporary setting for fugues, sonatas, and truly exceptional classical music.  Classical music is for anyone and everyone, and this Thursday night,  Gowanus Art + Production hosts GAP Presents! Groupmuse.  

Union and Bond can't wait for the event, and we hope that you can join us. Take a peek into the classical world by checking out this exclusive UxB Playlist created by Groupmuse founder, Sam Bodkin.

Photo: Allison Knoll; Venue: Pioneer Works.

Photo: Allison Knoll; Venue: Pioneer Works.

Interested in hosting your very own Groupmuse? Contact them here.  

It’s always free to host a groupmuse and the musicians can adapt to any size space. Just decide on the number of guests you’d like to have over, reserve some spots for your friends, and the Groupmuse platform connects you to area musicians. Or interested in a new team building experience at work?  A new program, Groupmuse at Work, provides an exciting opportunity to infuse any company’s culture with the great masterpieces of art. Like all groupmuses, these experiences are characterized by warmth, depth, and inspiration. They help employees engage and bond as only profound and shared experiences can.

See what Groupmuse is all about tomorrow night with Gowanus Art + Production at the Green Building. Get your tickets here, and if you're deciding to come on a whim, you can get them at the door too.