Venue Profile: the Green Building

The one that started it all - the Green Building

Call it what you will: Vintage industrial. Rustic elegance. Boho paradise. Like the perfect pair of black booties, the Green Building can be dressed up or down. The raw space features original brick, exposed beam ceilings, and 15-ft floor to ceiling windows (hello, natural light!), all of which are a nod toward our efforts to preserve the building's history dating back to 1889. That's a hundred years older than Taylor Swift.

When you book at the Green Building, you're instantly connected with one of our two rockstar venue coordinators who will be by your side until the event.  Meet Melanie and Megan. Melanie spent the holidays climbing to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Megan once sailed all of Croatia...on a yacht.  Like we said, rockstars.  

They're here to share some of their favorite moments and give some insight of what it's really like to host an event at the greatest rustic chic venue in Brooklyn.

Megan the Green Building

What kind of events inspire you most?
Megan S.:  All of our public events. We love being a staple in the neighborhood yet still a curiosity to many! 
Melanie M.: An event is inspiring when the people are fully committed to what's taking place. Like when the bride and groom lose themselves in the ceremony or when performers are in their role testing their physical, emotional, intellectual limits. That's the energy we live for. 

What has been your favorite event hosted at the Green Building?
MS: I had a moment sitting in the midst of the venue watching GAP Presents! Loft Opera play out with a sense of awe and amazement. The set, the cast, and the orchestra gave the venue so much life.
MM: Duh, Loft Opera! I'm a big supporter of that company.

Any moments that make you laugh when you look back at them now?
MS: A few of our holiday parties where guests celebrated the end of the year just a little too hard.
MM: Lots of good speeches by Fathers of the Bride who had hit the bar a little too generously.

How many times do you meet with a wedding client upon their initial contact? 
MS:  It varies from client to client.  I often have clients that I meet a few times early on in the process and then I don’t see them again until a few weeks before the wedding. For my more involved couples we usually correspond via email more often with a rush of visits about 3 months leading up to the big day.  And then there are my abroad couples who I meet once in the very beginning and on then the week of their wedding.

What’s the most important thing to consider when comparing and choosing a venue for your wedding?
MS: How hands on do you want to be? Would you prefer a venue that handles it all from start to finish, or one where you have ultimate creative freedom to plan it all from your cocktail options to your menu font?
MM:  The amount of time they allow access to the venue. An all-day rental versus an 8-hour rental create two very different events! Make sure the aesthetic matches your vibe. It has to feel like you. Lastly, work with people you like. If the people running the place give you a hard time initially, it's never going to get any easier.

Where is it ok to save on your budget, but a definite no-no on going cheap? 
MS: To save on your decor budget, go heavy on the candles and light on the florals. Have an amazing cookie and pie table as opposed to a 5-tiered wedding cake. Don’t skimp on a day-of-coordinator. You don’t want to be the one worrying about your gifts (or grandma!) getting home safe. Let a professional handle that so you can sit back and enjoy the night.
MM: Make a playlist for your cocktail hour and dinner, and hire a DJ for the dancing portion. Use biodegradable disposables to save money on rentals. (Editor's note: Check out Susty for stylish compostable tableware). And don't skimp on transportation. You don't want to be hailing a cab on your wedding day. 

What advice can you give clients when hiring vendors?
MS: Gather as much information about each vendor as possible; you can never be over-informed of your options.  And date around when choosing your planner and photographer. They will be your advocates by your side all day, so make sure that you connect and trust them.
MM: Make sure they are responsive on email. If it takes a week for them to reply, they've subtly communicated that they have other priorities. Even just a courtesy email buying more time is better than nothing!

How exactly does a vendor even land on the coveted Preferred Vendor List?
MS: We love meeting new and inspiring vendors to share with our clients. Our preferred vendor list is based on the word of our clients and their experience with them.  
MM: What Megan said!

Since the Green Building, 501 Union, and Sky Gallery are all right next to each other, people often book multiple venues for an event. How does that work?
MS: There’s definitely a lot of extra hands on deck.  Because 501 Union has such an art deco feel, most couples choose to have their cocktails and dinner at 501, and then have their reception/dance party at the Green Building because of its lofty feel.  
MM: Often times a couple enjoys a more intimate ceremony with just close family and friends. The Gallery works well for that. Then head over to the Green Building for the party, dancing, and dinner!

What’s your favorite feature of the Green Building?
MS: Our courtyard in August when the grass is overgrown after a nice long summer.
MM: The high beamed ceilings. Great acoustics!

If you could host anything here, what would it be?
MS:  A smorgasbord of all my favorite restaurants serving up all of their signature dishes!
MM: Another full opera production! Ideally, with me performing!

Have more questions for them? Ask away below in the comments! The full FAQ can be found here.

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Photo courtesy of Lev Kuperman

Photo courtesy of Lev Kuperman

Photo courtesy of Lev Kuperman

Photo courtesy of Lev Kuperman

Photo courtesy of Lev Kuperman

Photo courtesy of Lev Kuperman

Photo courtesy of Lev Kuperman

Photo courtesy of Lev Kuperman