Local Creative's Local Loft at Sky Gallery

For the month of June local blog and lifestyle collective Local Creative took up residency at Sky Gallery as pop-up concept #LocalLoft, which brought together a community of artists, makers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers via a series of workshops and gatherings, maker’s markets, movie screenings and more. We were pinching ourselves over the local creativity (and delicious coffee) that we were lucky to experience every day.
We say goodbye to the Local Creative and Stand Coffee crew today feeling grateful for the friendships we’ve made. Join us for a look back at some of our favorite moments at #LocalLoft, and stay tuned for upcoming events at Sky Gallery here.

Opening party 
Kicked off the month sipping on rosé with Yes Way Rosé. Wine by Bridge Lane from the North Fork kept the good vibes flowing til the sun went down. 

Local Loft Sky Gallery

Popup Flower Shop
Resident florist Starling on Bond opened a small flower shop for passersby to build a bouquet. 

Designer Market
Confession: Every time I ask one of the ladies in the office where they got a certain piece, they say "at the Local Creative sample sale" and I fill with envy for missing it. Brooklyn favorites like In God We Trust, Samantha Pleet, and more all gathered in one spot for a one day sale. 

Photo courtesy of Local Creative

Photo courtesy of Local Creative

Golly Magazine Movie Night
Totally unplanned, but this movie night fell on National Best Friends day. The choice of movie was left up to vote and lo and behold, how fitting was it to be Thelma and Louise. 

Photo courtesy of @chelsleibow

Photo courtesy of @chelsleibow

Natural Dyes Workshop
Rawan Rihani of Aurora Botanica led a workshop where we learned how to use the natural pigments in flowers, plants, and vegetables to dye fabric. 

Photo courtesy of  Aziza Mirtalipova

Photo courtesy of Aziza Mirtalipova

Be A Boss - Food & Fashion Panel
Local Creative teamed up with Taste the Style to host an afternoon full of lady bosses. The creative and entrepreneurial energy was palpable as we listened to some frontrunners of the food and fashion industries share their insight. 

Photo courtesy of  Cadence Kennedy

Photo courtesy of Cadence Kennedy

Natural Beauty Workshop
What ingredients should we be avoiding in our makeup? How do I actually know what I'm putting on my face? Thanks to Jessa Blades, now we can be more conscious beauty consumers, and we learned a quick and effortless makeup application that, yes, can be done on the train.  

Internete 2 IRL
Let's be real. We've met some pretty great friends solely online who we only sometimes ever get to actually give real life hugs to. Instagram phenomenon Hot Girls Eating Pizza had us passing around ASLs and drinking from a champagne spouting b00b installation by Matt Starr.  

Some more of our favorite moments throughout the month: