Collaborate with Creative Mornings at 501 Union

We wake to Friday in a half daze ready for the weekend. Our minds weary from the week. This is where CreativeMornings swoops to salvage our tired minds into inspired vessels for creative creation. It's a global movement for connecting individuals looking to surround themselves with like-minded go-getters.

FiftyThree’s CoFounder & CEO Georg Petschnigg lead the morning’s talk at 501 Union with the theme of the month happening to be Collaborate, though naturally everything about CreativeMornings is collaborative.

"From the networking over breakfast to the playful name tags, and the 30 second pitches to the powerful guest speakers sharing their experiences & answering questions, it's about connecting a network of creative people around the globe on chosen topics and fostering an environment that supports and encourages collaboration of all kinds. I always leave feeling inspired! And I loved the special touch of live music by Christopher Tignor that Gowanus Art + Production put together for this particular CreativeMorning." - Tracy Murrin

"I love CreativeMornings because of how I feel when I leave - inspired and caffeinated, which by the way is a great combination. Last Friday, Georg Petschnigg spoke on collaboration, a word that gets a lot of play in my life. Georg translated the german concept as 'with working' and described two men working alongside one another, taking notice, and deciding to join together.  This simple, yet profound concept stuck with me and has left me asking, who around me is working toward the same goals that I need to take notice of? All of this talk reminded me of something I once heard, "if you want to go quickly, go alone...if you want to go far, go together." To collaborating!" - Sarah Brown

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All photos courtesy of Byron Summers.