Summer Workshops at Sky Gallery

Remember the days of summer school when your parents would send you off to recite the same formulas over and over as you watch the sun pass? Well as tempting as it is to play hooky and take a train to the Rockaways all summer, you won't want to miss these workshops led by industry leaders coming to Sky Gallery. They're intimate and expected to sell out quickly so sign up now by visiting the provided links. 

Little Flower School: Summer Splendor

July 12, 2015 - $500

As much as we love flowers, we do wish we had a better understanding of the relationships between the intricacies of each type of flower. Nicolette Camille and Sarah of Saipua emphasize mindful compositions in this summer garden workshop. 


WRKSHP: Wedding Photography

August 17, 2015 - $700, $850

Wedding photographers, rejoice! Lev Kuperman and Heidi & Ryan of Forged in the North have teamed up to bring you an intensive one-day workshop to cover all the necessities like branding, attracting the right clients, and producing consistent work. 


The Basics of Calligraphy

August 25, 2015 - $300

Ashley Buzzy makes beautiful hand lettering seem not so intimidating as she breaks down typography and using different inks for your work. You'll be well on your way to hand-addressing all your invitations in no time!