The Green Building Wedding: Stacie and Kyle


Why did you guys choose New Year's Eve to get married?
We've known each other for seven years. Kyle lived overseas in Iraq for three of those years. Even when Kyle was an ocean away, we always spent our New Year's Eves together. So it has always been a special holiday for us. We've counted down to the new year in many places: at home in our PJs, at a friend's house party, on a boat in Istanbul. We decided to top them all by getting married on December 31st, 2014 with all of our favorite people around us to celebrate.

How did the holiday inform your decor and look & feel of the wedding (if at all)?
We had our ceremony back lit by the Green Building's lovely string lights to give the space a holiday feel. We also had handmade illuminated marquee letters to add a personal touch. We created our own "photo booth" with an instant camera and fun NYE hats and props. We also utilized the Green Building's projector to show photos of our many years together, a countdown clock to midnight, and a fun dance montage to inspire our guests to dance in the new year. We had vintage-inspired alarm clocks on the tables to help guests keep track of the countdown and to take home as party favors.

What's your favorite memory of the day?
There are too many to choose from! Our first look, the entire ceremony, our first dance (which we had been practicing for months), the food (thanks Betty Brooklyn!), the dancing, and the company.

Why did you choose the Green Building?
We chose the Green Building because it is such a versatile space. We had so many options for how to lay out the space, it was hard to decide which way to go! Because we got married in the winter, we wanted a venue that would allow us to have our ceremony and reception in the same space. With the help of our wonderful coordinator and the catering and GB staff, we were able to transform the room very quickly from an intimate ceremony space to an elegant dining room with a huge dance floor.

Did you do anything special at midnight?  What song did you play?
We had a midnight snack (grilled cheese) and passed out champagne. Our emcee and good friend, Mark, led our guests in the countdown. At midnight we played Auld Lang Syne, of course.


Venue: The Green Building
Caterer and Planner: Betty Brooklyn
Photographer: Le Image, Inc.

Thanks for celebrating your big day with us, Stacie and Kyle!  Happy Anniversary!