You Can Now Gift Your Guests Favors Inspired by the Gowanus

Calling all Gowanus mermaids and sailors: send your friends home with gifts from your favorite canal to commemorate your marriage on the beloved Superfund site. Say hello to our new neighbor, Gowanus Souvenir Shop, and all their quirky canal-themed memorabilia. 

There you'll find gifts from post cards to flasks paying homage to the Gowanus Canal's dark and dirty history. What better way to acknowledge the tragedy of a toxic sludge-fest than with a bit of comedy and endearment? Over the five years we've been in business along the canal, we sure have grown to love all the surprises it's brought but do continue to look forward to its clean up. We're hoping as more and more small businesses notice Gowanus's offerings, we'll be soon to see clear waters. Some items in the shop benefit the Gowanus Canal Conservancy, a non-profit group dedicated to the livelihood of the canal. 

Are you wondering how you could possibly incorporate the murky waters into your wedding? We really love the idea of gifting your bridal party a Canal No.5 tote bag filled with seeds packets to sow your love, tea towels, and a "Let's Get Stanky" cookie. Every item in the store is made by local artists and so they can be customized endlessly like with an inscription of your wedding date. 

Some of our favorite finds:

Find Gowanus Souvenir Shop at 543 Union Street, just across the canal from the Green Building and 501 Union