Meet the Babes

Alexis Convento

Editor, Arts + Culture / Food / Local
@alexisconvento -

Photo courtesy of Chaz Cruz

Photo courtesy of Chaz Cruz


I appreciate the composition found in daily life, from the detail of a food plating, an intimate moment during a performance, or noticing how architecture can form a beautiful skyline, acting as a visual tool to our imaginations. I enjoy process and being a part of what happens behind-the-scenes.

As a dancer first, I've also found myself producing events and performances, and I couldn't be happier in exploring production and all of its elements. I hope to bring one-of-a-kind experiences to curious audiences, while also providing more opportunity for artists and creatives.

Living in NYC has made me recognize how fortunate I am to be able to discover my deepest desires and passions. I've kept an open mind and an open heart, and have seen my opportunities grow in ways unimagined. I'm looking forward to the many adventures that I will have; I'm excited to share my world with you.

Quyn Duong

Editor, Weddings / Arts + Culture / Events
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Photo courtesy of Chaz Cruz

Photo courtesy of Chaz Cruz

I don’t really know when it happened. One day I was the friend with the little point-and-shoot camera documenting all the weird things that middle schoolers do, and now I'm still the friend with a camera making sure our memories are preserved.

You see, I have a pretty bad memory. But when I look at an image - or better yet, when I hold a printed photograph - it has the power to transport me back to the exact state of mind in that time and place. My want is for everyone to feel this. I’ve been a wedding + events photographer for five years hoping to spread memories and joy through the power of a photo.

I came to Brooklyn just a few short months ago by way of Nashville.  Back there, there’s an amazing sense of community that I thought would be lost here in the big city. Thankfully, I could not have been more wrong. I believe in surrounding yourself with people who support and inspire one another. My passion is not photography or weddings or even art. My passion is people, and these other things are just my way of connecting to the people I encounter.

Brooke Morris Rasheed

Editor in Chief
@brookerasheed -

Photo courtesy of Quyn Duong

Photo courtesy of Quyn Duong

As the first employee of Gowanus Hospitality Group, and now the Director of Marketing and Events, I’ve been here since the very beginning…and it’s been a wild ride.  I’ve worn a lot of hats, almost none of them related to what you’ll find on my resume: mother-of-the-bride hand holder, HR Director, bartender, and amateur florist.
I live with my husband Ryan and daughter Ruby in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.  I’m inspired by creative businesses, people living their lives fully and purposefully, and by our amazing team.